Tuesday, 22 September 2015

What's up!!

I have not been around these parts for a looooong time!  I have not posted since June 2013.  I have been up to plenty but just to give you a snap shot, here goes.

I got really active in politics, joining a Political Party and becoming part of a Presidential Campaign team for one of the candidates in the last general elections.  Politics is a roller coaster, and I still remember the days and nights spent at Bomas of Kenya observing the goings on during the tallying of the presidential vote, it gives me the chills!

After the elections, my candidate was unsuccessful by the way, I went into Political Analysis, doing weekly analysis on K24's State of the Nation with my learned Senior Ms. Jennifer Shamalla and the charming Richard Kagoe.  After one season, the show mutated and so we moved on to other things.  I kept working on the EACLJ's main agenda which is legislation and policy monitoring.  This takes up most of the energy and time, with so many bills being debated and passed before the constitutional deadlines.

EACLJ found ourselves in court for the Church after the State required more than was necessary with the enactment of the Marriage Act.  The threatened regulation of Church by State, clearly contradicting the notion of separation of Church and State has also got us scrambling to restore some sanity and civility between the Church and the Attorney General.

In that time as well, while I was away, Stephen and I were blessed with a brand new daughter, Persiah Elaine.  She is a miracle and a blessing that the whole family is continually rejoicing over.  The pregnancy and birth and last eight months together have been tough but worth it.  I have found that I am not coping as well as I did with my older children, I am more sluggish and mummy brain is real people, it is real!!!! And Evil!!!  Simple cure for it is time, as baby grows and the worries ease, I am getting my mojo back, slowly and surely.  In the words made famous by the Terminator, "I will be back!"

Now that is you caught up on the important parts of the last two years.  Now back to blogging.  You know this current political climate cannot be ignored any more.  I have to say something!!  Beginning with a recap of where I left off.  Check out the next blog post for more on this.  Meantime, read this so you know what I am referring to in my next blog post.



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